Our certified and knowledgeable staff will attentively listen to your areas of concern and use their intuitive therapeutic touch to treat your areas of discomfort. We will eliminate the toxic buildup of harmful deposits that are causing you pain and channel the flow of good energy to those targeted areas to stimulate and promote your body’s full recovery. Our goal is to enable you to balance your own body’s Qi energy and permit your body to heal naturally. Therapeutic Massage at Lifespring Massage Pleasanton We specialize in Swedish, Deep-tissue, Acupressure, Ashiatsu (walk on back), Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Foot Reflexology. We utilize traditional Chinese methodologies in applying a combination of light touch, soft tissue, and deep somatic pressure to break up taught, tired muscles to alleviate your symptoms of stress and fatigue. If you are suffering from low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, sports-related injuries, computer related pain, chronic headaches, stress or anxiety, or many other symptoms of discomfort, we are here to help. We will use the right techniques to address your specific needs and make you feel supported, comfortable, and relaxed. Please allow us the opportunity to help you on Your Path to Healing. We are open 10am-10pm daily.